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  1. Hi Eye on Elder Care!

    My name is Emily and I volunteer at a community center with an after school K-12 education program. In two weeks we are going to be holding our annual “Grandparent\\\\\\\’s Day\\\\\\\”, and we are busy making preparations for it. I came across your page while looking for places to help one of my students with a personal matter that I am trying to help her with.

    One of my older students, Mia, shared with me that her grandmother lives alone, which she has heard her parents talking about and are worried about. She told me that she was scared. I sat with her at the computer and asked her to search the Internet for information to see if we could find any information or ideas to help because I thought that in doing so, she would learn about seniors living at home and it may alleviate some fears and give her insight into it. She found this really great page of tips to keep senior citizen safer at home.

    Here it is:

    After we read it and spoke about it, I suggested that she could help other people that were worried or scared like she is, by sharing the information with you. Would you be willing to add a link to it for her on your page? I want to shift her fear into something positive, and I think that her knowing that she helped others with similar feelings/experiences would help in doing that. During Grandparent\\\\\\\’s Day, I\\\\\\\’d also be able to share with her grandmother, that Mia was responsible for it, and I think this will this will be a special memory for them. Would you please help me with this?

    Warmest regards,

    Emily Mitchell
    Educator | Advisor

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