5 Ways Seniors Can Leave a Legacy for Their Grandchildren

You have a wealth of knowledge, stories, skills, and an important history that you want to make sure you pass down to your children and your grandchildren. Gathering together all the details of your life for future generations can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some easy ways you can make sure you leave a legacy.

  1. Create Recipe Books Buy several recipe journals and photocopy pages out of your own recipe books, your recipe cards, and any recipe notes that you have. Paste them into the books and make fun birthday or Christmas gifts for your family. Not only will they have your personal recipes to use whenever they want, but they will have them in your handwriting as well.
  2. Make Photo Albums Go online, upload your photos, and print photo books from websites like Shutterflyor Snapfish, or make photo albums with printed out photos and store-bought albums. This is a fun project that your family members can help you with. Have the grandkids paste photos into albums while you write photo captions. Choose some photos from your past that they may not have ever seen before. While you look through old photos together, tell stories and talk about the times when the photos were taken.
  3. Talk You don’t always have to have something physical to pass down to the next generation. For thousands of years, humans have passed things down orally. When you are all together, make sure you tell your family fun tales from your childhood. Sing songs with your grandkids that you used to sing with your own grandparents. Tell jokes, recite poemsthat you remember, or talk about important historical events that happened when you were younger. Your family can learn a lot just by listening to you.
  4. Travel If you are physically able, take trips with your family. You can make memories and take photos that will stay with all of you for the rest of your lives. Spending quality time with the people you love is never time wasted. Organizations geared toward senior travel, like Road Scholar, can help you and your family have travel experiences that are fun, educational, and memorable.
  5. Document Family Health Histories Not all of your gifts that you leave for your family have to be fun or fancy. Sometimes, the best thing that you can pass down to the next generation is something practical. Documenting your medical history and the medical history of other family members who have already passed is important. Should any family members have health problems in the future, they can refer to the family medical history, which could help their doctor to better understand and to find a course of treatment that fits them. Learn how to document your medical history.

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